Custom Clear Gloss Vinyl Stickers

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Get your designs printed in full colour on super tough sticky Clear Vinyl, which will then be laminated. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and have them cut into any custom shape you like!

Don't have your artwork ready? No worries! Just email it over when you can, along with your four-digit TAU number, to


Clear, glossy finish with a clear laminate for excellent durability. The super sticky adhesive makes them versatile for a wide range of products and uses, and they're designed to withstand all outdoor conditions.

All vinyl stickers now come laminated with a thin layer of protective material, typically with a glossy finish. This lamination adds durability and resistance to moisture, UV rays, and abrasion, making the stickers perfect for outdoor use and extending their lifespan.


First things first, I'm going to need a design and the better this is prepared for me, the better your print is going to be! When you send me your design, having the correct artwork files is crucial to producing the very best results for you. 

To achieve the best possible colour accuracy, please set your colors to CMYK. This is the color gamut used for printing and ensures that the colors you see on your screen will match the printed result.

If you have trouble setting your colours to CMYK, just let me know your RGB or Pantone reference for the colours you want us to match. I'll edit your artwork to ensure these colors print as closely as possible.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to me at, and I'll be happy to help!

Cut line

Make sure to add any custom shapes as a line on your artwork (ideally as a vector line or on a separate layer) and ensure this line is clear and labeled. This way, i’ll know exactly where you want your stickers cut!

Not sure how to do that? We have a video guide on setting up your custom cut line that you can watch HERE

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to me at, and I'll be happy to help!

Extra designs

Your order includes up to 10 designs as standard. If you want different quantities (e.g., 300 of one design and 200 of another), please let me know in your customer notes. Otherwise, I will split the quantities evenly.


My standard turnaround time is 5 working days after receiving your final artwork.

If you would like a more detailed timeframe for receiving your order, please get in touch with me.

If you have a tight deadline, please contact me at before placing your order. While I strive to meet all deadlines, it's important to confirm them beforehand to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

Printed samples

Not sure how your stickers will look off your computer screen? Want to get a better feel for them before committing to a full order?

Get 10 custom-printed samples with your artwork for £7.50, with free delivery.

Order your samples HERE.

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  • Placing your order

    To get started, simply place your order and attach your artwork using the upload button provided. If you haven't attached your artwork yet, no worries! You can email it to me later along with your TAU number. Just try to use the same email address you used for your order.

  • Setting up your artwork

    Once I receive your artwork, I'll set it up according to your notes and send you a proof if needed. Once you approve, I'll start printing your order. The whole process can take up to 5 working days, depending on my workload. I always aim to meet deadlines, but please confirm them with me before placing your order to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

  • Popping and packing

    After printing your order, it will be laminated and cut into the custom shapes you've requested. Each sticker will be individually popped out of the sheets, undergo a final quality check, and then be placed into compostable bags. Finally, everything will be boxed up and shipped to you.

  • Shipping out

    Your order is now ready to be shipped! I use DPD, DHL, and Royal Mail for deliveries because they've proven to be the most reliable. Orders are collected daily from the studio, and you can track yours on the tracking page. Soon, you'll be enjoying your new order!

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